Financial returns aren’t just a means, they can be an end too

As an adviser you will have a range of clients with a variety of investment needs and objectives. Our Sustainable Impact Model Portfolio Service (SIMPS) range offers a dedicated impact focused portfolio service for those clients who are seeking an investment model which combines financial returns and positive impact. Our SIMPS portfolios go beyond traditional “ethical” investments, where companies and industries that are deemed to be “unethical” are negatively screened out. We actively select positive investments that directly contribute to global sustainable development and address a social, economic or environmental issue society is facing. We believe return and impact can sit comfortably alongside each other and further support the causes your clients care about.

Our Sustainable Impact Model Portfolio Service (SIMPS)

We work with you to provide your clients with an impact focused discretionary fund management service via our SIMPS portfolios. Our SIMPS portfolios aim to achieve capital appreciation whilst reducing investment risk by diversifying across asset classes and geographies. Our strategy is based on actively managed asset allocations across equities, fixed income and cash. We invest in fund managers who are aligned with our impact philosophy seeking businesses that avoid controversies, are well run and solving global challenges. Every investment is approved by both our impact and investment due diligence teams. Both teams have right of veto based on investment or impact criteria. This twin lens approach is core to our proposition.

Our latest SIMPS factsheet

An introduction to the SIMPS portfolios

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We have answered the most popular questions asked to us by advisers about impact investing and our SIMPS portfolios. Our video series will provide you with one hour of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Also check out our Matter of Facts for some illustrations of impact focused solutions.

SIMPS Key Facts

Models available in Low, Medium and High risk levels

No minimum investment

Liquid portfolio of daily traded funds

All funds are selected by us based on their positive social and environmental benefits

Quarterly rebalancing

Suitable for ISAs, personal pensions and other investments

Annual Management Fee 0.25% plus VAT

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