About Olivia

Olivia joined Tribe in 2022. Her work at Tribe focuses on running and overseeing the Compliance function. Olivia analyses existing and upcoming regulations, is building out Tribe’s compliance monitoring programme and is working with wealth managers and the wider team on advisory-related queries and policies and procedures. Olivia holds a BSc (Hons) business degree from the University of Sussex and has completed the CISI level 6 Diploma in Investment Compliance. She is currently undertaking the CFA Investment Management Certificate.


Olivia’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme – Education & Equality in particular Goal 1 (no poverty), Goal 4 (quality education) and Goal 5 (gender equality). She believes that no person should be denied the right to a quality education, which cannot be taken away from you. Equality reduces social and economic disadvantage, enabling a fair platform for individuals to thrive within communities.