Our mission & our values

We’re on a mission to change wealth management – for good. We want to be the wealth manager of choice for those who want to invest well and for good. Our values underpin our shared beliefs, and in turn guide our culture and behaviour. All of which unites us as a Tribe.


FORWARD THINKING: We see clearly when others can’t. Our approach is progressive, and our decisions conscious and considered. We’re working today for a better tomorrow. We embrace innovation over status quo.

PASSION: We are united in our goal to be the wealth manager of choice for those who want to invest well and for good. We care deeply about effecting change in our industry and the wider world, now and for future generations. We love what we do, and it shows.

COLLABORATION: We are better together. We find fresh perspectives by sharing our knowledge, skills and expertise, and learning from and with each other. We are a community. We are Tribe.

INTEGRITY: Collective courage, honesty, and ethics ensure we uphold our values throughout Tribe, and keep us accountable for our actions.


Our approach

We only build portfolios for positive impact. Our portfolios are made up of well-run businesses who are solving big social, environmental, and economic challenges. These are the businesses that we believe will succeed now and in the future — not those that are buffeted or brought down by harmful externalities.

Our north star

We identify the businesses we invest in by using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are the ‘north star’ of our investment framework; they’re integral to how we understand our clients’ values, as well as the investments we choose, and how we report on them.

Our behaviours

It’s crucial that what we say is reflected in how we behave and operate as a company. This is why we report on our behaviours as a business in our annual SDG performance report. This is especially important as more products and providers enter the sustainable impact sphere.

Our supply chain

In every area we can, we choose suppliers who share our philosophy. For example, our servers are powered by only green electricity sourced from 100% renewable sources and our IT management and support is provided by a fellow B Corp and social enterprise.

Our profit lock

As a B Corp, Tribe is required to carry out its business and operations so that it has a material positive impact on society and the environment. As part of this, 20% of any profit must be distributed to impact organisations. We believe invested capital is essential to contributing to solving many global issues, if done so sustainably.

Our people

We’re a team of wealth managers and impact specialists whose goal is to deliver long-term positive impact and growth for everyone. Our theory of change? To change the very nature of wealth and its impact.