As an adviser, you’ll have a range of clients with a variety of investment needs and objectives. Our Sustainable Impact Model Portfolio Service (SIMPS) offers an authentic, impact focused portfolio service for those clients seeking an investment model which does well and does good. Our portfolios go beyond traditional “ethical” investments, where companies and industries that are deemed to be “unethical” are negatively screened out.

We actively select positive investments that directly contribute to global sustainable development and address a social, economic or environmental issue society is facing. We believe return and impact can sit comfortably alongside each other and further support the causes your clients care about.

Watch our monthly impact insights where we look at what drove SIMPS performance last month and delve into the adviser question of the month.

The Sustainable Impact MPS (SIMPS)

We work with you to provide your clients with an impact focused discretionary fund management service via our Sustainable Impact Model Portfolio Service (SIMPS). The portfolios aim to achieve capital appreciation whilst reducing investment risk by diversifying across asset classes and geographies.

Our strategy is based on actively managed asset allocations across equities, fixed income and cash.

We invest in fund managers who are aligned with our impact philosophy seeking businesses that avoid controversies, are well run and solving global challenges such as environmental degradation, healthcare, education and financial inclusion to name a few.

SIMPS factsheets

(for use by advisers and clients of advisers)

Why impact investing?

focuses on addressing major social and environmental challenges while generating financial returns.

It’s often a way for investors to express their personal values through their investments: using business to solve social and/or environmental problems.

SIMPS key facts

  • Models available in six risk levels
  • No minimum investment
  • All funds are selected by us based on their positive social and environmental benefits
  • Liquid portfolio of daily traded funds
  • Quarterly rebalancing (at least)
  • Dynamic Planner risk-mapped
  • Available on FE Analytics
  • Suitable for ISAs, personal pensions, SIPPS, bonds and other investments
  • Annual management fee 0.25%

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some questions we often get asked by advisers. Take a look and feel free to send any others you have to the Tribe advisers team.

When asked “how would you like your money invested” – the majority of our clients want their capital to do additional good in the world. However, a lot of them are also concerned about greenwashing. Investing in the Tribe SIMPS provides a robust solution that not only reassures clients that their investments are aligned with their personal ethics, but also documents specifically how their money is contributing towards a positive future world. This provides a solution in which our clients can truly believe.

Daniel Stansall, Advice Manager, MWA Financial

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