About Rob

Rob is an Investment Associate at Tribe. He assists the investment team in portfolio construction and management, along with fund due diligence. Rob is also responsible for covering the healthcare sector for Tribe’s direct equities. He joined Tribe from a responsible investment focused consultancy specialising in advising private clients on investing sustainably. With a BSc in Industrial Economics from the University of Nottingham, Rob has a CFA UK Certificate in ESG Investing and the Investment Management Certificate.


Rob’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme – Environment & Ecology. However, the Goals he is most passionate about are in Tribe Theme – Enterprise & Infrastructure, Goal 8 (decent work & economic growth) and 12 (responsible consumption & production). Rob believes innovation is fundamental to solving the SDGs, with the most likely source of this innovation being in the private sector. Whilst, history shows that businesses can need influencing to operate in a sustainable way, he thinks the most effective mechanism of doing this is by dictating the capital flows that they receive – and that it’s the responsibility of asset owners and investors to allocate capital to companies that promote “sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth” (Goal 8).