Value from Values

As a charity or endowment you’ll have a mission and a range of assets at your disposal. These could include the talent in your executive team, the partners and network of support you’ve created, the reputation and legacy of your achievements to date, or the capital and income generated from your investments. What if those investments could provide more than just working capital or gifts? What if your investment strategy could actively support your theory of change?

Working in Partnership

We work with charities and endowments to build and manage investment portfolios for financial growth, aligned to your defined set of values and the change you want to see in the world. This means you can use all your assets to support your theory of change.

We manage your investments in line with your investment policy, whether that’s seeking maximum financial return with your impact or delivering the greatest possible impact, with or without specific exclusions. Either way, we believe that you can do well by doing good.

Resources for Charities

More and more charities are including impact in their overall investment objectives. Find out how one of our charity clients is doing it.

Not all investment advice is the same, how does a trustee know they’re getting good value?

Governance and Transparency

As a trustee, you will have a number of responsibilities you need to meet, including good governance. We are a certified B Corporation, which means we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability to balance profit and purpose. You can view our results across these measures on the B Corp site here.

We have locked into our mission and business model at least 20% of our profits are invested in high impact, scalable, mission driven businesses, social enterprises and charities.

University Endowments

Universities in the UK are experiencing significant structural change, with a particular focus on their role and impact in society. We spoke to six investment committee members from a range of universities on an anonymous basis. As influential asset owners, we wanted to understand universities’ attitudes, behaviours and challenges when it comes to sustainable and impact investing.

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