What we value and how much we value it can be difficult to define. How do we identify and articulate what’s most important to us? Furthermore, how can we align – the way we live, the choices we make every day, down to how and what we choose to invest in – with our individual set of values?

We designed our process for this very reason. To help our clients identify their values and their preferences with regards to the good they seek to do through their investments. Using the 17 UN SDG’s as the impact lens we use this profiling process to help create a client’s ImpactDNA, which in turn defines their investment preferences.

Loved seeing The Guardian‘s interactive quiz last week, helping people to understand what is most important to them with regards to the UN SDGs. Knowledge is powerful and the more we know about ourselves, our values and our preferences, and how we can use these as a force for good, the closer we are to a brighter, more sustainable future.