About Amy

Amy is Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer at Tribe Impact Capital, where she leads on the definition and execution of impact across the business. Amy is an environmental scientist (undergraduate and postgraduate) by training with over 29 years of experience in corporate sustainability and impact investing. Before co-founding Tribe, Amy headed up sustainability teams at Bank of America and Microsoft and advised some of the world’s largest companies on sustainability whilst at PwC and EY. Amy sits on the board of B Lab UK. She is also an Advisor to the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network and Greenheart Consulting. She sits on the Global Steering Group of the Global Ethical Finance Initiative and the Investment Committee of The Blue Cross.


Amy’s values are most closely aligned with Tribe Theme – Environment & Ecology. Amy passionately believes that Nature teaches us all we need to know about the changes we must make to ensure everyone and everything thrives. She believes that the root cause of so much of what we face as a global community stems from our disconnect and lack of engagement with Nature, and, therefore, with ourselves. She believes that the wisdom of our ancestors, still firmly rooted in indigenous peoples, has been lost and that their wisdom and many of those values need to be mainstreamed into finance if we are to create the resilient, regenerative and equitable new world we need. Amy also strongly feels that by empowering women and girls we seed the conditions for all forms of equality and immeasurably strengthen society and business in terms of contribution, decision making and action.