We’re delighted to present our annual Report (previously called our SDG Performance Report). Time flies – this is our 5th annual report disclosing the performance and progress of our business, operations and investments, towards . The last few years have been full of challenges and opportunities. Against, a backdrop of an ongoing global pandemic, an energy crisis, and a war in Europe, notwithstanding our escalating climate and nature crises, and rising inequality, the need for a new type of finance has never been clearer.

We established Tribe seven years ago, with a clear mission to move money to the businesses that were actively pursuing the deployment of solutions to the crises we face. We also wanted to reconnect wealth holders to their wealth and enable and empower them to make the decision to invest in the things they care about.

The team’s full focus has been on driving capital towards the alignment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (), and finding ways to better understand the outcomes and real world impact of the decisions we make. Regulation, data quality and impact management and monitoring regimes are playing catch up, which have presented a challenging environment. We continue to navigate this as best we can, finding the right frameworks and committing to the science and evidence-backed principles. We’ve had to become comfortable operating in a world of tolerances, contexts and variances, recognising the data we present is sometimes partial, often estimated, and frequently updated. If not anything else, it certainly keeps us on our toes!

Within this year’s report there is much to reassure us in our progress over the year, notably the downward trajectory of many of our key climate metrics. We’re thrilled to be able to share with you some of the stories of how we’re collaborating with others in finance to drive changes, manage risks and embrace opportunities. And, of course, we’re especially delighted to announce 1 the validation of our .

We hope you enjoy reading about our progress towards . As always, the Tribe is inspired by the principles of open source and powered through collaboration. We welcome ideas, opportunities and challenges so please feel free to drop us a line!