As we hurtle into yet another year, this time it could be different. 2020 is widely being seen as the ‘Super Year’ – a year full of hidden promise and momentous potential for both people and the planet. This may seem quite surprising given what has appeared to be on many occasions the growing discord, conflict and chaos that surrounds us.

Around the world, leaders will be working to secure ambitious new green deals for planet and for people, including a proposed new global framework; action on climate change at COP26, which will come to Glasgow in November; a treaty for the oceans; and a renewed commitment to the environment under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. All of these will be negotiated during the year, making 2020 potentially a stand out in terms of the level of discourse.

But what does that mean for us, as people? How do we respond to the growing environmental and social crises facing us? Can we trust that global leaders will be able to agree and deploy the actions needed given the volume of activity happening this year?

One thing is clear, change often happens slowly when international political agreement is sought. This doesn’t diminish the power of international agreement, but it can slow down the progress that’s required. Change can, however, be expedited exponentially when the will and the might of the people is exercised. So how big does a minority have to be to affect a transformation? Well, according to research, that number is lower than you might think – 25%. Here, we reach a tipping point when the collective opinions, behaviours and actions influence the remaining 75%.

Here, our Chief Impact Officer, Amy Clarke talks about the power of the 25% and how we can make our investment capital count.