This weekend, Tribe was part of a collective of 20 other businesses, called XR Business, who penned an open letter in the Times newspaper declaring a climate emergency. The XR Business platform is an evolving platform for people in business who understand that business as usual is not going to deliver the type of progress we need to ensure successful and sustainable life one Earth. XR Businesses believe that visionary leadership is now needed from all sectors, but particularly those with relevant talent, technology, money and influence in business and the financial markets. An excerpt from the letter follows:

Contrary to belief, there is business support for the Extinction Rebellion (XR) agenda. Hard pressure drives change, but even the most committed businesses will need time to respond. We welcome the news that  Extinction Rebellion is evolving a new platform, XR Business, to engage business leaders, investors and advisers. To drive things forward, the idea is to convene a meeting of XR activists and experts with business leaders and influencers. 

Most businesses were not designed in the context of the developing climate emergency. Hence  we must urgently redesign entire industries and businesses, using science-based targets. 

As a B Corps, and a mission driven investor committed to delivering the , Tribe invests in the solutions that drive us towards that successful and sustainable horizon where everyone and everything can thrive. For many, the Extinction Rebellion protests have been an uncomfortable reminder of the scale of the challenges we face. The multi million-pound costs that the Extinction Rebellion protests have imposed on business are regrettable, as is the inconvenience to Londoners. But future costs imposed on our economies by the climate emergency will be many orders of magnitude greater. These challenges demand bold action, innovation, courage and commitment. Above all, they require us to engage. We are proud to lead with our fellow XR Business friends in demonstrating that business does care, and can be a force for positive change.

Full details of the XR Business Platform and the letter can be found on the XR Business website here.

The published letter can be found on The Times newspaper website here.