Featured in The Times, our CIOs speak about the merits of ESG principles not only as part of an impact strategy but as a risk metric.

If you consider what ESG is screening for, it’s a common language so investors can speak to management teams about what they are doing to manage these key risks. We are living in a world where the consequences to the environment, society and governance have legal ramifications, so you cannot separate having an ESG framework good, solid risk-adjusted investing.

fred kooij, chief investment officer

Tribe calls itself an impact investor, which takes ESG investing one step further to consider a company’s values and whether it is doing demonstrable good for the world. Amy Clarke, Tribe’s chief impact officer, says that, too, is anchored in risk management.

You are looking at how resilient are their core products and services to the changes we are seeing in society. Do they play to these big themes that are coming through, or are they creating the problems that consumers or regulators are concerned about?

amy clarke

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