Whilst markets and politicians work out the short-term implications, it’s clear that within this result is a message centred on partnership and collaboration.

We live in unprecedented times. The threat to cohesive, inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities is the greatest it’s ever been. We need a political system that reflects the voters’ desires for more collaborative and constructive political engagement and that tackles these challenges.

The longer term economic impact of the election results will depend very much on the political parties’ abilities to come together to agree and deliver what our communities need. The issues we face locally and globally require many players working together to deliver the change needed.

It is here we can learn from others. Our world of impact investing is seasoned in working across political, economic, cultural and social divides for the greater good. It offers hope and a template.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to share your views and hear ours on what this means for patient capital.

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