Planting instructions

You’ll need a pot, some soil, some water and your seeded notecard from us.

1. Fill the pot three quarters full with soil. *tip – ensure your planting pot has a drainage hole.
2. Soak your seeded paper in room temperature water, then place into your pot and cover with a thin layer of soil. *tip – the seeded paper will only need a quick soaking, be careful not to turn it in to make papier-mâché.
3. Place the pot in a warm sunny spot, water your paper daily for the first week until your seedlings start to appear. It’s very important for the paper not to dry out as this will stop the germination of the seedlings. *tip – keep the soil moist, make sure it doesn’t dry out or become a pool.
4. Enjoy watching your seedlings grow into a mini flower or herb garden. Don’t forget to water regularly.