Last week, we took part in the ESG investing olympics run by Friends Provident Foundation, Joffe Trust and Blagrave Trust. We were one of five firms shortlisted from nearly 60 applicants, pitching for the opportunity to manage £33.5m of charity funds. The charities decided to run the ESG investing olympics in a public forum to seek out a manager with social and environmental impact, high standards of ESG integration, engagement, in-house expertise, as well as impact reporting

There is growing demand from asset owners to have a purpose beyond financial return with their investments. This is reflected by the growth in funds labelled as impact, sustainable, responsible, green or ESG. However, the quality of these funds varies greatly with marketing claims not always aligned with investment practice. We wish to send a market signal that asset owners are demanding higher standards of Impact and ESG investment. Asset managers will recognise that the standards expected by mission-led investors like ourselves today often become the market norms of tomorrow

Colin Baines, Investment Manager, Friends Provident Foundation.

Read more on the ESG investing olympics in the Financial Time’s article here.

We are looking forward to seeing the impact these charity funds are going to have!