About Lara

Lara is a Wealth Associate at Tribe, supporting the wealth management team in providing a seamless client experience. After graduating from Exeter University reading BA Geography, Lara worked as a Care Professional at Bluebird Care. In January 2021, Lara spent 3 months in Kenya, working with Lion Landscapes to help train their new Lion Ranger units. This experience immediately instilled a huge sense of admiration and respect for their bravery and dedication to protecting wildlife and Lara continues to be involved in African conservation through her volunteering work with Tusk.


Lara’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme – Environment and Ecology, in particular Goal 15 (Life on Land) and Goal 13 (Climate Action). She is passionate about conserving our natural world and believes we need to take urgent action to address the intertwined threats of climate change and biodiversity loss whilst ensuring we protect and restore nature as the foundation for a healthy society and thriving economy.